Amazing Award Shows

Written by Shannon Tillman

There are a lot of wild and crazy award shows on TV that can entertain any personality with the outfits, the performances, and the hosts. I do love watching all of them that I can catch, but I do have my favorite. This year my favorite award show that I watched on my satellite TV from Tony Awards. Getting to see such amazing talent all together in one place is something that does not happen that often. I think the reason that I love the Tony’s so much is because I am a sucker for all things Broadway, and I not only get to have a few stars, but them all at once.

A broadway musical is putting amazing singers, dancers and entertainers on stage to act out a! n emotional story. They have such a way with words, songs, and movement that can not be duplicated with any other form of entertainment. At the Tonys, there are not only a few awards handed out, but some great performances. I love getting to see who will perform what, and who gets the chance to be recognized for their talent. I think that everyone should get the recognition for a job well done, but like all award ceremonies there are winners and losers. I hope the Tony’s are an award ceremony that continue to be aired, as I am not sure what I would do with out them.