Amazon Kindle Specifications

Amazon’s Kindle has nice features and impressive specifications. Read detailed specs here.

Kindle SpecsAmazon Kindle looks like a very functional device that can wirelessly download books, magazines, newspapers and blogs with nice features and specifications.

Kindle comes equipped with a large 6-inch 800 x 600 display , 256MB internal storage, smallish two-thumb keyboard cursor bar, scroll wheel, standard mini USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, SD slot, and also EV-DO data!

Here’s the pic of the Kindle Specs Sheet:

Kidle Specifications Sheat

Amazon Kindle is lighter and thinner than a typical paperback; weighs only 10.3 ounces and can hold over 200 titles.

According to manufacturer Kindle has long battery life. If you leave wireless on and recharge approximately every other day. Turn wireless off and read for a week or more before recharging. Fully recharges in 2 hour.

Kindle has full QWERTY keyboard that puts the Kindle Store at your fingertips. Simply type in a title, author, or keyword to find the book, newspaper, or magazine you are looking for. From there, click to buy, and begin reading your selection in under a minute.

Kindle also includes The New Oxford American Dictionary with over 250,000 entries and definitions, so you can seamlessly look up the meanings of words without interrupting your reading as well as built-in access to the world’s most exhaustive and up-to-date encyclopedia—

What’s included in the box?

Kindle Electronic Reader
Book cover
Power adapter
USB 2.0 cableYou can watch Kindle Video and Review and Learn More about it Here…

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