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We’ve all been in a situation where you had awful online experience, got scammed or even just received rude service from a company you gave your trust and your business. So what can be done? There are few options out there but now there is another way for consumers and customers to tell companies that you reviewed them by going to and posting your own review.

When you first come to their website you have a option of searching for a review of any person or a company and if there isn’t one you can be the first one to post a review. One great thing about is that you have options of remain anonymous or you can even post a picture.

There are many categories to chose reviews from and they also have Consumer Advice Blog. On the flip side if you had a good experience with a person or a company, you can reward the “good” company by posting a positive review and give them some free advertising. Posting a review only takes a minute so go to and take advantage of Power Of Shared Experience.