October 15, 2008


With these free tools you can download your phone data to your personal computer, transfer and store photos or create your own ring tones for your Motorola phone.

Also download free Motorola Manuals: Download Motorola manuals

Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) is a complete package that lets you synchronize your phone data with your personal computer, transfer and store photos, personalize your ring tones, images and videos and so much more (compatible with most Motorola phones)

Motorola Phone Tools SUPPORTED PHONES v.4 v.5

With MPT you can easily manage your contacts and share the information
contained in your mobile phone with your computer. MPT makes it a snap
to transfer pictures, create your own ringtones and move your contacts
from your old phone to your new one. The software includes all necessary
USB drivers. Here you will get everything you need to start and
troubleshoot Motorola Phone Tools, including user guides, installation
guides, answers to your frequently asked questions and more.


USB Drivers and PC Charging Drivers
USB Drivers and PC Charging Drivers

Get the drivers and software you need to use your Motorola phone as a
modem, browse your mobile phone, transfer files to and from your device,
or charge your Motorola phone from your computer.


Compatible with Motorola Smart-phones
Windows Mobile® Tools SUPPORTED PHONES

Do you have a Motorola phone running Windows Mobile® Software such as
one of the MOTOROLA Q devices? Here you will find “Getting Started”
and troubleshooting information for Windows Mobile® synchronization
software including ActiveSync® and Windows Mobile Device Center®. .


iDEN Phone Tools
iDEN Phone Tools

Application,links,utilities for your iDEN mobile phones


iSync Tools

Mac users can use Apple’s iSync to sync contacts and phone numbers from
their Mobile Device.

For more details, visit Apple’s website (www.apple.com/macosx/feaures/isync)