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Firefly Kid Phone review with complete list of features including Compatibility Features and Technical Specifications. Firefly is a multi-media cell phone with full color screen and built in camera that lets your kid make calls, play games, take pictures, listen to mp3’s, watch videos, and text.

Firefly is the first phone designed uniquely for kids ages 5 – 12 and parents in the US and has been very well received.

Available with any AT&T Plan, the Firefly is small to fit into your child’s hand, with flashing lights and 12 pre-loaded ringtones and is so easy to use!

Parents can pre-program fast dial keys, plus configure up to 20 numbers, and set incoming call screening – all using PIN control for piece of mind.

No wonder kids love the Firefly, almost as much as parents do.

Bottom Line: Compact; easy to use; personalization options; parents will appreciate the phone’s lack of support for text messaging.

With parental controls, ease of use, no text messaging, and a prepaid calling plan, the Firefly phone is an ideal mobile for teens.


  • Designed for kids – fun, small, lightweight, durable
  • Mom, dad and emergency optional fast-dial buttons
  • 12 pre-loaded ringtones, 7 screen colors and 5 animated graphics
  • Up to 20 pre-programmed numbers in the address book – PIN controlled
  • Flashing lights and translucent shell
  • Inbound call screening – PIN controlled
  • Internal antenna, battery and backpack clip

What’s In The Box With The Phone

  • Additional Items Included – Wall Charger, User Guide, Backpack Clip

Personalization and Fun Features

  • Polyphonic Ringtones – 12 Pre-loaded Ringtones
  • Multiple Languages – Yes
  • Languages Supported – English, Spanish
  • Customizable Faceplates – Yes, Translucent Shell Is Swappable
  • Customizable Graphics – 5 Pre-loaded Animated Graphics

Firefly Core Features

  • Color Main Display – 7 Backlit Screen Colors
  • Color – Blue
  • Style – Candy Bar
  • Vibrate – Yes, Plus Flashing Lights
  • Phonebook Capacity – Mom, Dad and Emergency 911 Fast Dial Keys Plus 20 Pre-programmable Numbers

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