Saitek Eclipse Backlight Keyboard

This is a guest post by Nick Trenkler

I have always felt like changing a keyboard was buying a new pair of shoes. When you first get the new keyboard, it feels very uncomfortable, it often takes a while to adjust to a new keyboard. Its for that very reason I do not like to purchase new keyboards, however, it is worth it after the initial adjustment period.

I decided to go against my instincts and purchase a new keyboard. Not so much for the need of a new keyboard, but rather for the desire to have one of the new LED Back-light Keyboards. I first saw one in December of 2009 and was fascinated by the idea, its perfect for gamers and writers alike… I just so happen to be both a gamer and a writer!

It was simple to buy; while the local store didn’t have one, I just logged on to and I was able to locate a Saitek Eclipse on The price was great and the keyboard has many excellent features. I can type at night and in the evening without turning the lights on, the back-lighting works great.

The Saitek Eclipse has adjustable brightness and even volume control on the keyboard. The design is perfect, very comfortable and well constructed. The keys have the perfect feel and are neither too firm nor too soft. The keyboard does make too much noise when typing; it is alot quieter than my prior keyboard. The Saitek Eclipse is a great replacement for a regular keyboard, I’m glad I made the decision to change. It works great when I am surfing Wild Blue.

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