Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge+ Plus advanced TIPS & TRICKS! – Ep.1

Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge+ Plus advanced TIPS & TRICKS! – Ep.1

PART2! GALAXY S7 Hidden Tricks! Few awesome Galaxy S6 Edge+ Tips & Tricks, hidden software features that will blow your mind! Galaxy S6 Edge + is the bigger brother of the S6 Edge with a larger display, 1GB extra RAM and more battery juice. This smartphone is not just damn beautiful, but also[…]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Disassembly/Screen Replacement/Charging Port Fix/Replace Battery

We got our hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S6, and what did we do right away with it? We took it apart of course. 0:45 – take SIM card tray out 1:19 – heat up the rear housing edge 1:40 – remove the back of the phone 2:45 – undo the 13 screws 3:24[…]

Testing Samsung Gear VR for Galaxy S6 Game Demos

While the consumer Oculus Rift won’t be out until next year, developers and early adopters can still playtest virtual reality games with the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition headset. We test the new headset made for the Galaxy S6 smartphone–with its high-density 577 PPI display–and demo some of the winners of the recent Mobile VR[…]