What is File extension qbm

A computer file extension consists of the three character addition that follows the name of a file. Most people are familiar with .doc for Word documents and .xls for Excel documents. These extensions help you identify the program that the file was created in with just a glance of the file list.

There are literally thousands of file extensions. Most of us don’t need to know more than 5 or 6 file extensions. Technicians who provide technical support will most likely utilize knowledge of 100s of file extensions. The Intuit company adopted the file extension qbm for their Quickbooks software. File extension qbm or .qbm will automatically save on the end of a file you have created in Quickbooks.

File extension qbm is a unique identifier that quickly allows you to identify Quickbooks files. Making the files easily identifiable also helps prevent Quickbook users from deleting a file by mistake. The target market for Quickbooks software is small and medium businesses.

The file extension qmb allows the company to have a complete summary of the company’s accounts. Thus Quickbooks is a popular software application that can be utilized by home computers and laptops. The laptop capability allows the company records to be on tap for traveling business owners.